For Prospective Volunteers

We are currently enrolling volunteers in multiple trials, covering a variety of cardiovascular issues including diagnostic testing, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, cholesterol-lowering and secondary prevention. Patient participation in research is dependent on a number of factors and variables.

If you are a Los Alamitos Cardiovascular patient and are interested in joining a clinical trial, please consult with your physician, directly. If you are not currently a Los Alamitos Cardiovascular patient, you may still be eligible to participate as a clinical trial research volunteer. You can request more information by visiting the Contact Research Coordinator page and completing the Clinical Trials Inquiry form or by calling our Research Coordinator at (562) 430-7533, Ext 223.

We are currently enrolling patients for these studies:

To find out more about clinical trial participation, check out our Research FAQs and Patient Resources section.

For Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and Sponsors

Los Alamitos Cardiovascular is an independent, dedicated clinical research site specializing in Phase II, III and IV clinical research studies for leading academic institutions, pharmaceutical, nutrition and medical device companies. For additional information, please visit our CROs and Sponsor page.